The Top 8 Shopping Centre Security Challenges

The Top 8 Shopping Centre Security Challenges

As a consumer, we definitely take shopping centres for granted. They date all the way back to ancient Greece, but what we regard today as the modern ‘shopping centre’ began in the early 20th century, delivering the unprecedented convenience of all your food, clothes, goods and entertainment located in a single precinct. In 2019, it’s very common to regard a trip to the shopping centre as a whole-day outing that is both handy and fun. But for those concerned about shopping centre security, it’s a serious challenge.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the many shopping centre security issues that are front and centre in the mind of those charged with keeping them safe and secure.

1. Theft

Where there are valuable products, there will be shoplifters. And all the latest statistics indicate that over the past five years, shoplifting rates have only gone up. So preventing shoplifting for retailers is a major concern both for stores and shopping centre management.

2. Vandalism

And where there are a lot of valuable products, there are a lot of people – and unfortunately, some of them are hell-bent on vandalism. Young people, in particular, see shopping centres as an easy target for damaging property, unless proper shopping centre security measures like CCTV cameras are in place.

3. Altercations

Plenty of people like to ‘hang out’ at shopping centres, particularly those with well-developed entertainment hubs. And where people hang out, trouble can await. Big sales like those on Boxing Day can also ramp up the tension between shoppers, increasing the need for extra security guards.

4. Unauthorised entry

Shopping centres and shops have their public entrances, but there are other entrances and areas where only staff, delivery people and other authorised people are allowed to access. Without careful shopping centre security in place including sophisticated access control, people will tend to wander where they are not welcome.

5. Parking

Big shopping centres tend to have enormous areas for car parking, and if car parking security is not properly monitored, it’s manna from heaven for vandals and thieves.

6. Emergencies

It’s a sad fact, but shopping centres are an obvious target for things like terrorist attacks. But fires, disasters and other calamities also occur from time to time, requiring careful shopping centre security procedures to be in place.

7. First Aid

The shopping centre is also a common scene for a range of medical emergencies that require timely intervention.

8. Lost children

Most people who have children can recall a time (or two) when they’ve looked around at a shopping centre and realised they have lost their child. Only the best shopping centre security protocols will have a working plan ready so that lost kids can be found and reunited safely.

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