3 Ways To Fill Those Carpark Security Gaps

3 Ways To Fill Those Carpark Security Gaps

Your house may be worth more, but your car comes in second place – and it has windows that are easy to smash and wheels for a thief to drive off with. When you park your valuable car, it’s crucial that it’s safe and sound – which is why carpark security is so important to so many individuals and organisations.

Whether it’s for residential purposes, shared occupancy or commercial properties, if you’re in charge of car park security, it’s your responsibility to look after it – and the most important thing is obviously that those cars and the possessions that lie within are more than safe and sound.

Who’s responsible for your secure carpark?

In most cases, one of the following four individuals or entities are responsible for the sort of car park security Sydney wide and beyond:

  • The property owner/manager
  • Residents
  • A management company
  • An independent security business.

Did you know that with every passing 13 minutes, a car is stolen in Australia? Worse still, those numbers are on the rise – and particularly vulnerable is a secure carpark with gaping security gaps.

How can those security gaps be filled?


The best securities are ongoing eyes and ears – and the best ones these days are thanks to modern technology. Carpark security managers who can rely on fully-equipped CCTV camera systems can rest easy that someone or something is always monitoring those precious private and commercial vehicles, and the valuable assets that lie within them. If carpark security has become a concern, it’s simply one of the best ways to reassure the people and groups who use the area that their car will be untouched when they return.

2. Vehicle access control

Even carparks that have dipped their toe in the water of vehicle access control solutions know the drawbacks of these restrictive systems, as unauthorised people and vehicles continue to breach the secured area. But with the help of exciting technological advances, including statistics, cross-referencing and the human touch, systems complete with alerts, gate/entry integration and detailed reporting means vehicle access control systems has never been better than now.

3. Guards

But despite all of that exciting technology, there’s still no way to factor out the involvement of eagle-eyed, highly trained & qualified and industry-experienced security guards for carparks – and not just because they can be Johnny-on-the-spot with things like wheel clamps. Criminals so often take advantage of the inevitable blind-spots in carpark security measures, so the best way to help people feel safe and secure is to deploy the professional services of actual people to complement and monitor any remaining gaps in the overall system.

Only trust the best in Sydney car park security

Most people give carpark security precious little thought on a day-to-day basis – but car security breaches remain one of the most common crimes in Sydney today. If your circumstances or your organisation make carpark security something you can’t afford to ignore, CitiGuard Protection Services has been Sydney’s best security company since all the way back to 1966.

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