Commercial & Business Security Guards

Commercial & Business Security Guards

While modern technology certainly enhances business security programs, the human element is just as important. No amount of technology can monitor a premise like the view of a keen pair of human eyes. A professional security guard provides the observant reasoning vital to comprehensive security monitoring.

Best security guard company for your business

Citiguard has over 50 years’ experience and provides specialist security services for businesses, large commercial operations, government agencies and construction sites. Our management team has built the security guard business and its reputation on providing a quality, reliable and professional protection services with a personal touch.

Do you need a business security guard company?

construction site security guard

  1. To Supplement Access Control Systems and Monitor Internal/External Building Activity.
  2. When CCTV Requires Real-Time Monitoring by Human Eyes
  3. When Retailers Need to Discourage Theft
  4. When construction sites need a Deterrent for Trespassers, equipment protection and safety for both the employees and authorized visitors

All personnel are specifically trained to meet the stringent standards expected of our guard and technical personal in both security awareness and safety.  All security personal has undergone specific training to accredit them with the Industry Accreditation “OHS & R White Card” and all our guard and patrol personal have First Aid.

We can provide security guard hire in Sydney for commercial and business security purposes including:

  • Business Security Officer
  • Loss prevention
  • Uniformed Guards / Plain Clothes Security Officer
  • Store Security Officer, Loss Prevention officer
  • Concierge Service
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Gatekeeper
  • Construction Site Security Officer
  • Building Management
  • Traffic Controller
  • Static Security Guard
  • Body Guard

As you would expect from a trusted security company with over 50 years experience, our security guards are highly trained professionals.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and you can hire a security guard or hire several with as little as one hour’s notice.

To protect your business with our security guard services, contact Citiguard today on 1300 662 468, or use our convenient Quotation Request form to find out how we can help you.