COVID Marshals Sydney

COVID Marshals Sydney

Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of our lives, and perhaps forever, it’s clear that the world of business and enterprise is needing to adjust accordingly, swiftly and – above all – safely.

Here at CitiGuard, we couldn’t be prouder supporters of home, business and government-related entities for all of their specific and specialised security services needs. And with our track record for delivering the highest quality solutions across Sydney and beyond, we’re proud to extend our services to support businesses and entities requiring trained, skilled, experienced and customer and business-minded COVID Marshals and related personnel, training, support and more.

What is a COVID Marshal?

We recognise the importance of businesses, individuals and organisations rising to the logistical and legal challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic across Sydney and Australia. COVID Marshals Sydney wide have a crucial role to play in applying the various and changing COVID directions and restrictions to the specific operations and needs of the world of enterprise.

Your entity may require a COVID Marshal or other COVID-specific support for:

  • On-site sales/consumption
  • Ceremonies/gatherings/venues
  • Transportation/other operations
  • Anywhere/any activity with COVID Management Plans.

How can CitiGuard help with COVID-19 support?

Most jurisdictions require or expect that nominated COVID Marshals are responsible, properly presented, specifically trained and authorised, and have experience in working in similar circumstances. A COVID Marshal is able to assist with or oversee:

  • Ensuring and assisting with infection control
  • Compliance with density requirements and other restrictions, guidelines and practices
  • Adherence and management of COVID safe/management plans
  • Specific protocols/policies to effectively manage and monitor safe and efficient COVID practices
  • Taking appropriate/required steps in the event of guideline breaches.

In many cases, the onus is on the organisation itself to comply with and monitor COVID practices and guidelines, with potential penalties that can have a devastating effect on operations. Is your organisation in need of effective, timely, trustworthy and fully-authorised support with adherence to handling the COVID-19 pandemic? Citiguard is proud to offer new and specialised services for COVID Marshals Sydney wide, including tailored services and assistance to guide every entity through these challenging times.

Quality, affordable, reliable COVID Marshal services

Our COVID-related Marshal and trained security guards ensure that those people charged with helping to guide your operations through COVID-19:

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Work with the experts! Citiguard is a proven, experienced security company in Sydney with over 50 years of experience.
  • Understand the virus, their role, and your organisation
  • Understand how to protect your organisation, staff, customers, clients and others through adherence and implementation of COVID plans and guidelines.
  • Are specifically trained and authorised to assist and ensure compliance and manage various scenarios in challenging times
  • Are properly presented and able to operate ethically and professionally in difficult and rapidly-evolving times.

COVID-19 has presented Australia’s landscape of business, enterprise and other organisational structures including government with an unprecedented challenge. But, together with the compassionate and vastly experienced team at CitiGuard Protection Services, we can get through it together!

CitiGuard will help guide you through COVID-19

Do you need our specialised help with navigating your business, organisation, staff and clients through COVID-19 whilst providing protection, compliance and minimal disturbance to operations or efficiency? Here at CitiGuard, we’re here to help with quality-assured solutions for COVID Marshals or other pandemic-related services. Don’t let navigating through COVID-19 weigh down your operations and instead give our friendly team a call today to ask about our tailored security services.