Personalised Metal Detection Scanning Sydney

Personalised Metal Detection Scanning Sydney

Personal metal detection scanning is now a key asset in maintaining safety, security and order in a growing number of settings and industries. At CitiGuard Protection Services, we are Sydney’s #1 provider of the full suite of fully-customised, hands-on and technologically-backed security services for home, business and government.

Could your premises, space or event benefit from reliable and thorough metal detection scanning to keep objects, weapons and other unwanted items away from the people, places and assets that matter to you?

Are You Considering Metal Detection Scanning?

With more than 50 years of experience at the top of Sydney’s security services industry, our support in personal metal detection scanning can help keep any organisation’s people and assets safe and secure from:

  • Theft
  • Attacks
  • Sabotage
  • Other threats.

No matter the venue or the space, personal metal detection not only minimises actual threats to people, places and events, it also promotes an atmosphere of protection and vigilance. CitiGuard’s metal detecting scanning ensures this shield of protection is provided with efficiency and speed, particularly if the event or venue calls for thorough scanning that is conducted quickly, thoroughly, seamlessly and ethically.

It’s crucial that the professional security guards charged with these important duties have the specific training, knowledge and experience to carry out the tasks with integrity, discretion and compassion. At CitiGuard Protection Services, we understand the fine line that must be walked between minimising delays and hassle whilst never forgetting the potential gravity of just a single breach or the need for that reassuring touch.

Making Sydney A Safer Place With Metal Detection Scanning

CitiGuard is a true leader in customised threat detection and screening techniques across the spectrum of Sydney’s worlds of business, industry and even government.

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Work with the experts! Citiguard is a proven, experienced security company in Sydney with over 50 years of experience.

Our metal detection specialists are:

  • Courteous, polite & ethical
  • Alert to all potential concealments and potential distractions
  • Trained & experienced in fast & thorough scanning techniques and modern technologies, and what to do when metal objects or items trigger alarms.

Put Your People, Places & Assets In Citiguard’s Secure Hands

Do you need highly trained and experienced personal metal detection scanning for your business, premises or event? Our team is always on standby to provide the sophisticated security services you require with minimal notice and maximum protection. So to keep your people, spaces & assets safe and secure, get in touch with CitiGuard Protection Services today.