NBN Alarm Systems

NBN Alarm Systems

NBN Alarm Monitoring Free Solution

So, you have been advised by your Telco provider that nbn™ is moving into your area and you have also been told your alarm monitoring will stop working … Don’t be alarmed! Citiguard has a solution that will ensure a smooth transition to the nbn™.

What is nbn™?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a next-generation broadband network designed for Australia’s future needs. It will provide faster, more reliable broadband access to all Australian homes and businesses through a mix of three technologies: optic fibre, fixed wireless, and next-generation satellite. However, alarm systems monitored through your current phone will no longer be able to report to the control room.

How does this affect my alarm monitoring?

Most traditional alarms and back to base alarms currently rely on analogue phone line services. Up till recently, this method has been very reliable. The existing fixed phone lines and internet network infrastructure will be upgraded, and you will no longer have access to a telephone line but an IP based system. With the installation of the nbn™, your monitored alarm system will not be able to dial the control room, which means that any alarm system signals will go unnoticed, leaving your home or business vulnerable to intruders.

How do I connect my alarm to the Alarm Monitoring Station now?

Citiguard can connect your existing alarm by simply installing a GRPS alarm transmission device, this will allow analogue signals to be transmitted as IP signals. Your alarm system will work exactly as it does now but will report to the controlling via the 4G network. The system will provide a much higher level of security and the ability to view your alarm communication via a smartphone application.

nbn alarm installation

The above special is for a GPRS device we install on existing alarms to allow it to report over the NBN Network.

Free NBN Alarm Monitoring Upgrade

At Citiguard we understand how frustrating this change can be that’s why we are currently offering free supply and installation of the GPRS system based on a 12-month contract to ensure your transition to the nbn™ is smooth.

Benefits of GPRS Monitored alarm systems

  • The GPRS does not rely on any phone lines, internet or power. It uses a 4G network to report to base.
  • You can have control over the alarm system by arming and disarming via a mobile phone, which is handy especially if you forget to secure your alarm system.
  • On an analogue phone line each notification sent through to the control room from the alarm panel is a 1300 call which reflects on your phone bill with the GPRS the cost is a flat rate, this includes all 1300 call costs.
  • High level of security
  • Uses alarm system backup battery does not rely on property power whilst the battery is working

For more information on how to connect your alarm for free when NBN comes to your neighbourhood please call 1300 66 2468 or click the request a quote button below.

NBN Alarm Systems FAQs

At least in the initial stage of the NBN's roll-out some decade ago, it was true that some outdated alarm systems were only designed for the legacy copper network. But that was the case for all other communications-related technologies in your home and small business as well.

But these days, whether you're in a city or one of the most regional corners of Australia, the NBN is the new communications foundation of our country. As such, it's vastly superior to the legacy copper network, and just about every aspect of communications in Australia is well past the transition phase. In fact, all leading security providers understood the implications of the NBN and invested heavily in optic fibre-based technologies that make full use of the new network's potential rather than having to rely on outdated, slow and

For most Australians, this transition is now firmly in the past - because it's been known from the outset that the NBN would be the basis of landlines and internet-related services into our future. For most people, it was as simple as making the switch once the NBN Co advised that it was available for your area/premises. For those who waited 18 months between being advised of NBN availability without taking up the service, disconnection of existing landlines may have occurred automatically.

So for most residents and small business operators, those legacy landline and internet services were destined for disconnection once the NBN switch was made. If you're not sure whether this applies to you, finding out is as easy as asking the relevant retail service provider.

Believe it or not, because the whole idea of the NBN is to be faster and more reliable, that only makes alarm systems that operate on the basis of that technology to be more affordable than ever. How is that possible? Because faster internet means freer and more competitive access to local and global markets - and cheaper prices for you coupled with better and vastly more advanced services.

So as with all other technology-based services rolled out to the wider personal and business community, NBN alarm systems are designed to meet the customers' affordability needs - and the best providers go above and beyond with free quotes and inexpensive advanced features and service upgrades.