4 Types Of People Who Need A Personal Bodyguard

4 Types Of People Who Need A Personal Bodyguard

Whether in the real world or in the land of movies, Rachel Marron – aka Whitney Houston – isn’t the only one who could make good use of a personal bodyguard. As the Bodyguard plot went, the talented pop star made a wise choice to appoint former secret service agent Frank Farmer – aka Kevin Costner. But what about you? Worried about a stalker, as the Whitney Houston character was? In politics? Worth a lot of money or a public figure? The list of people who might benefit from a personal security guard is actually a lot longer than most people think:

1. Top executives

They just want to get on with their job, but powerful company executives and CEOs deal with plenty of threats to their personal safety – at work, in public, and even at home or while on the move.

2. Money handlers

And it’s not just sacks of cash we’re talking about here, but a huge list of highly valuable or sensitive items or information. And as those big-value moves happen, the best personal security bodyguards will be your eyes, ears and defences at each and every moment.

3. Targets of attention

In our ever-smaller, ever-more interconnected world, there are a lot of reasons why you might suddenly be attracting wanted or unwanted widespread attention. Lottery winners, witnesses in criminal proceedings, social media starlets, wealthy individuals – and the list goes on. For these people, personal bodyguards mean peace of mind.

4. Victims

It’s not always the wider public that threatens a target of attention – because that particular target of attention might even be completely unknown on a public scale. Think of individuals like worried divorcees or victims of domestic disputes. When emotions are running high, that bodyguard for hire provides a shield of private protection.

Bodyguards for hire right here in Sydney

In reality, the list of people who might be looking to hire a bodyguard is a lot, lot longer than the one we’ve just put together – so can you think of any? If you’re one of those who might benefit from some rock-solid personal protection, the team at CitiGuard are able to offer you:

  • Uniformed or plain clothes bodyguards
  • Venue/event security/gatekeeper officers
  • Emergency or casual security guards
  • Traffic/static/mobile patrol/party guards
  • Much more.

Matching the right security guard services to your needs depends on your situation, the required specialty training and equipment, your budget and more – and who better to provide it than a trusted Sydney security company with more than 50 years of experience? We can get an officer to your location with as little as an hour’s notice, so keep yourself, your organisation and your loved ones safe and sound by getting in touch with CitiGuard Protection Services today.