The 3 Key Aspects of Large Building Security

The 3 Key Aspects of Large Building Security

When you think about security, you might immediately think of alarms for your home, a security guard for your event, or CCTV for your small business premises. But the best security services can also keep your building secure.

As we all know by looking at that city skyline, as business operations soar to new heights, so too do the large buildings. Large building security poses a set of unique and complex challenges for business owners and building managers. How do you keep those large offices and retail buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, factories and industrial compounds locked up tight and safe and sound?

How to secure a building

To break down the various challenges of building security, we’re going to break it down into three key aspects: outer perimeter security, inner perimeter security, and inner or interior security.

1. Outer perimeter building security

Think of a building’s outer perimeter as like the fence-line in your backyard. By securing it, the aim is to take charge of who and what penetrates that boundary.

Depending on the building and the situation, some might secure that outer perimeter with a fence, barbed wire, gate or other physical barriers, and combine it with security guards providing a patrol & lock-up service.

If security concerns are low, a milder outer perimeter like a hedge – perhaps combined with some signs to mark private property – could be enough, but you might also protect your building and people with CCTV and monitored back-to-base alarm systems. You could even combine it with access control systems to determine who even gets onto your grounds.

2. Inner perimeter building security

If you think of the outer perimeter like the fence, think of your building’s inner perimeter as its walls, doors and windows.

At the first instance, we secure those features with locks, keys and alarms and CCTV security cameras, and we get really sophisticated with state-of-the-art access control systems. These systems include features like keyless entry and tracking access and get really technical with things including finger scans and wireless remote control.

3. Inner or interior building security

Inner or interior security is your building’s last line of defence, and involves defending the integrity and safety of the people, business, ideas and property that lies within the four walls of your physical premises.

Firstly, you’re going to need some great access control, so that you know exactly who is and who is not allowed on the interior of your large building. Next, some next-generation, connected smart alarm technology will ideally include back-to-base monitoring that means there are always eyes on the inside of your building. You will also want to consider a state of the art, multi-camera CCTV security system with remote monitoring, and also the services of a security guard who is experienced in protecting large commercial operations and government agencies.

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