How To Connect An Alarm To NBN For Free!

How To Connect An Alarm To NBN For Free!

Are you concerned about the continuation of your back-to-base alarm monitoring services with the arrival of NBN For complete peace of mind, it’s the perfect way to know there are always – and we mean always – trained security professionals watching over the home or premises that really matter to you.

But we’ve heard from a lot of clients who are worried about how switching over to the NBN might affect the back-to-base monitoring system that they’ve already got up and running and trust implicitly. So today we’re going to talk about how you can easily, seamlessly and for absolutely no extra investment, connect your alarm to NBN – and never regret it for a moment!

You’ve obviously heard about the NBN, and how it is designed to move Australia into the internet’s exciting and super-fast future. What you may not know is that the nationwide rollout is scheduled to be done and dusted by the end of 2020. For those who are still using the old phone and internet infrastructure and it’s doing the job perfectly, you may be worried – because once the NBN rollout is complete, those old connections will no longer work.

Luckily, your trusted Sydney security service is right here to guide you through the totally painless and absolute upgrade of your alarm monitoring system and keep protecting your family and your business. We’ll make sure when you move to an NBN your back to base alarm is taken care of, and we won’t even charge you a cent.

How to connect your alarm when you have NBN?

Firstly, if you’re still relying on an old phone line for your back-to-base security monitoring, don’t panic – we’re here for you. We’ve invested heavily in technology which means you can upgrade your alarm reporting before NBN rolls into your area, there’s no need to worry about being offline at any stage and you get to choose your own security provider.

As we know from all the feedback we’re getting, you have a lot of questions that are on your mind as you contemplate the switch to NBN alarm monitoring. So we’ve put together a comprehensive Q&A that should ease your minds:

Q: Why can’t I just do nothing?

Because your existing alarm uses the old phone lines, it simply won’t work once your area has made the full switch to NBN. That means that when your system notices something and needs to call the control room, it won’t be able to – because your new infrastructure will be IP-based instead.

Q: So that means I need to throw my awesome alarm away?

No! As we said, we’ve invested heavily in an NBN solution for back-to-base alarms that means you can actually keep what you already have! All we need to do is switch you over to a GRPS system, which will mean the analogue signals your alarm is used to can work with your IP-based connection instead.

Q: Will it all work exactly the same?

Yes – and even better! Instead of using the old phone line, your system will now use the 4G network, just like your mobile phone does.

Q: Is an NBN alarm system just as good?

As we said, it will be even better. Our NBN security solution is not just more secure, you’ll be able to keep track of everything yourself via an app on your mobile device.

Q: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Right?

Wise words indeed, but in this particular case, CitiGuard really does want to look after you – for free! Based on a 12-month monitoring contract, we’ll not only supply but also install a GPRS NBN alarm monitoring system on your existing alarm for absolutely no charge at all. You may actually end up saving money because the GPRS calls the control room at a flat rate, rather than the standard 1300 rates that appeared on your old phone bill.

Q: But what if the power goes out?

You’re right – a big advantage of using the traditional phone lines was that when the power goes out, your alarm monitoring was not affected at all. But bear in mind that GPRS relies upon power provided by your alarm and its back up battery. It reports back to base with 4G and is not reliant on your home or business internet, thus providing a much higher level of security.

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