The 4 Best Access Control Systems On The Market

The 4 Best Access Control Systems On The Market

Are you using the best access control system at your business or premises? In our exciting but dynamic and vulnerable times, the number of security threats faced and tackled by businesses just like yours are rising exponentially, whether it’s theft, violence, vandalism and even terrorism and espionage.

Are you wondering how to keep your staff, visitors, premises, information and assets seriously safe and sound? That’s where the top access control system manufacturers come in, enabling businesses and venues just like yours to fully control who gets the access they’re seeking at any given moment – and who definitely does not. The best access control system for your particular entity then flows on to the infrastructure and procedures that support your goals, and also assists with monitoring staff attendance and customising movement around your buildings and systems. The top access control systems companies also make life easier than ever for those who do have permission to access the things and places that are most valuable to your entity.

So, with all that said, how do you separate the best access control from the … less impressive? In our experience with thousands of access control system installations in Sydney, you can pretty much break it down according to the access control brands that have come to dominate this competitive Australian market:

1. Tecom Access Control

Actually, we’re talking specifically about this leading global solutions company American-owned General Electric which owns the ChallengerPlus access control and security product line. ChallengerPlus is an advanced security solution designed for commercial and corporate sectors and is the perfect solution for the security requirements of banks, retail outlets, educational facilities and more. ChallengerPlus is a modular system that can be scaled for almost any application, from small to large commercial installations. With thousands of programmable options, ChallengerPlus has been designed to meet any security and access requirement and can be tailored to your own security policies.

The great news is that you can enjoy the benefits too, including integration with motion sensors, wireless detectors, duress buttons, impressive video integration, and future-proof system infrastructure so that your business can grow and adapt.

2. Integriti Access Control

Another award winner – for innovation, no less – is Integriti, which is more commonly talked about in the industry as Melbourne-based Inner Range serving clients like Westfield, Foxtel, Ikea, Telstra, and many, many more. In fact, there are over 50,000 Integriti systems up and running across the world.

This one is an IP-based access control system which is just as useful for small premises as it is to a huge multi-campus enterprise and should be thought about as a ‘control centre’ for just about as many interconnected sub-systems as you will need for a top-to-bottom solution. It can be fully managed on the web or on a smartphone, and fully integrates SMS, email and plug-and-play features that are famously easy to use.

3. Bosch Access Control

In all honesty, any of the top access control systems we’ve mentioned in this review are seriously top-notch – including the product offerings of Bosch, a German engineering company renowned for its attention to detail. We’ve listed Bosch at #3, though, because it’s probably best suited for Small to Medium companies. Bosch Solution Panels use BIS Access Engine is up and running at a wide scale, with 50,000 systems up and running across the globe – and a special edition called ‘Access Professional’ that is more suited to a smaller or entry-level application with still enough capacity for thousands of card holders.

The access control system you need depends on:

  • Your budget
  • Your entity’s size
  • Your ease-of-use requirements
  • The number of users
  • Your precise security objectives
  • The required integration with your existing security infrastructure
  • The required scalability/adaptability.

Let CitiGuard tailor the best access control for you

When it comes to your places, people, assets and information, you need to guard them like your organisation’s very existence depends upon it – because that’s the truth of it! Here at CitiGuard Protection Services, we can take the best access control systems and brands and design, tweak, integrate and customise them to perfectly match your requirements – so get in touch with our friendly Sydney security service today!