CEM Access Control Systems – The Key to your Security Is Not a Key

CEM Access Control Systems – The Key to your Security Is Not a Key

In this post were talking about CEM access control systems and advances in technology. Access control systems are a great way to restrict access within a building, replacing keys as a means to open doors was a great leap forward in improving our control over who and when someone can access a building or areas within a building, but access systems were very limited. Making changes to the system has been difficult to date, integration into alarms, intercoms and CCTV or fire systems have traditionally been somewhat clunky and if you ever needed to change access levels or override existing protocols you needed to be onsite and have the knowledge and understanding of how to make these changes.

More often than not has been easier just to call in a security contractor was often required to make the changes for you, all be expensive and slow. 

CEM Access Control Systems has designed the AC2000 access system that removes many of the short coming of the older access control systems on the market today and at the same time adding many features that can improve manageability and integration with addition of other value added services. The AC2000 key system features include:

  • Highly stable Linux operating system
  • Windows® based operator workstations
  • Hot standby/ redundant server
  • Intelligent CEM card readers and two-door controllers
  • Seamless integration with external systems; CCTV cameras, Intrusion, Perimeter Detection, Fire and more
  • Supports third party read heads and multiple card technologies
  • Supports wireless locks
  • Sophisticated software suite
  • User definable software fields
  • Multi-language support
  • Extensive web-based AC2000 applications
  • Highly customizable

Readers can have built-in Voice IP intercoms, there is an option for handheld wireless devices that can be use on building sites or temporary restricted areas. Readers can be LCD providing information and feed back to uses also allowing for tracking of credentials such as up to OH& S certification, licenses etc.  Installation is made a lot easier with POE via Cat5/6 to readers and door strikes cabled directly to the reader.

The AS2000 will support multiple card technologies which makes upgrading existing system cheaper and easier or do away with cards entirety and have finger print recognition.

CEM Access Control Systems

For further in formation on CEM access control systems watch this video

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